Our 3 main principles
TWO LANGUAGES - ONE HOME: For the Multika-Model language training and language development is particularly important. We are aware that the children, who we care for come from different cultures. However they will be spending their lives in Austria therefore they should be taught to speak perfect German. I AM ME Only when you have mastered the language of your new home, can you continue to develop n the new enviroment (Kindergarten, school, word, friends) and feel at home. However we have to remember that the children come from other contries and that they should master their nativ tongue so that this does not hinder them in their further development. Only those who have mastered his/her mother tongue, can also master a new languages. Apart from this it is important to know and appreciate your roots. I AM AN EUROPEAN The acquisition of an European language hase become a necessity in the modern world, that is why we appreciate the opportunity to teach the children the English language at a native level.
Part of our concept:
1.1 Bilingual Education Dealing with the children is carried out parallel in two languages according to the principle “one person – one language”, jointly planned schedules determine, how the adults speak and what the children do. What can be taught depends on the type of activity being pursued by the child, the nature of the language of the adults and what is expected of the child (to understand, to repeat, to respond, according to the situation, to show initiative). Different speech types are also learned during different activities: In physical education – response to acclamations, names of body parts, movement, orientation; In art lessons – naming emotions, flowers, descriptions of objects; In the kitchen – names of food, from cooking processes, description of flavours, etc. In a playful way they gain the expertise in both languages, in environmental studies, dance, theatre, music, personal hygiene, sports, and mathematics. The child learns the two languages during everyday activities as well as in circle time and according to the year’s theme.
Technical control of language development of the child according to his age
One language - one educator
The learning of language happens trough playful activities
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