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 MULTICULTURAL INTEGRATION LINGUISTIC CHILDCARE TRAINING Bilingual private kindergarden for children aged between 1 and 6 years. Overall MULTIKA is represented with 4 locations in Vienna. With us your child has the opportunity to playfully learn German, English, Russian or the Hungarian language daily with experienced native speakers in a natural way. More about our concept and our philosophy
 Of course we do not forget that the nursery is a preliminary stage for school, so we devote a lot of time preparing the children. We take special care that children with poor or a non-existent knowledge of German get individual attention and are adequately prepared for school. Preschool work is performed according to the module for the last year in elementary education. In addition we also offer preparation for English- and Russian schools for the preschoolers.
Individuality is the alpha and omega in Multika - every child is important to us! That is why individual support (portfolio) for each child starting from the creche is one of our main principles. The portfolios are created during the kindergarten years with and from the educators and is a review of the everyday experiences made in kindergarten. On leaving each child gets its portfolio
New direction in MULTIKA childcare facilities is the Testing using BISC * Bielefeld screening and subsequent exercises (HLL). * The Test is expressly made only after the written permission of the parents. In addition, our children make crafts, sing, learn poems, make music, play games, go hiking, do sports, celebrate and do all the nice things that you should do in kindergarten!
Our kindergartens operate under the principle "One person - one language" Here we are concerned with the natural learning of several languages at the level of the mother tongue in addition to daily activities and communication. Native Speaker: The staff - whether in German, English, Russian and Hungarian, speak with the child only in their native language. The child is always understood and the answer is in the relevant language. Special preparation is planned, written and carried out by our native speakers in two languages, determining the educational issues of the day / week / month / year.
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